Woman Kills 3 for Last XBox at Chicago Wal-Mart

“Woman Kills Three For Last X-Box at Chicago Wal-Mart” That was the headline of a news story a friend sent me. I read the article in shock. The part of the story that got me upset was that the woman had supposedly just killed a college student, a teacher and a pregnant woman with a screwdriver so that she could get the last XBox and showed no remorse. I was outraged as I read the article. It also said that it was the deadliest Black Friday in history. What kind of country do I live in and why are people so violent around collecting material items? As I sat with the article, I got a funny feeling.

I did a liwalmart_exterior-lgttle research and the article was written in The Daily Currant which is a satire website. The article was a hoax! In fact the article “42 Million Dead in Bloodiest Black Friday Weekend on Record”  was a huge hit in the satire news website called The Onion. Yet both stories went viral and spread like wild fire.

women-talkingMany people believed the story and talked about it all over social media and shared it with their friends, just like the one who shared it with me did. they took it at face value and decided it must be real it in an article in an online newspaper. How many times have you heard someone say that it must be true because they saw it online?

When we stop questioning and researching, we tend to believe everything we hear and see. As I read the article, my intuition guided me to make sure it was real. That little voice that quietly nudges you is often ignored. We are bombarded with images, news stories, marketing and false information day after day. We turn to others to have the answers or guidance. We no longer trust ourselves, what we see or what we hear. It is time to go within a little more and also to not take things at face value just because they are on the internet.

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