The Secret Recipe for a Fantastic Website for a Life Coach is...

Most coaches struggle with marketing and marketing copy. That is where I come in. I am a professionally trained life and wellness coach and a trained online marketer. Having a successful life coach who also builds WordPress websites design and writes the copy for your site. The best of both worlds! Plus I am a wiz at putting together captivating and engaging websites that attract the right clients.

Why you’ll love MY RECIPE

I know the reasons that people hire a coach and if you don't have a way for them to hire you right when they decide they want to, you lose them. They normally do not come back. My recipe not only resonates with them but has quick calls to action and showcases your expertise. The reason they should hire you right now as they are looking at your page! 

The Result

Potential clients that come to your website will feel  connection to you and what you have to offer. They will want to make a decision in that moment and I can help create coaching packages for you that will allow them to say yes now. 

The days of coaches offering free sessions has been ruined by so many coaches of the past actually using those calls as sales calls, and not giving the potential customer value. So the customer felt tricked and never came back. I can coach you and build you a system that draws them in and allows them to make a decision right in the moment.

In fact, before they even see your offer to coaching, they will receive something of value from them that can help them right now! This helps build trust and showcases your expertise. 

Some of My Examples

Here are some of the websites I have built and designed. Each one is custom done for the client and how the client wants to brand themselves in the world. 

The Website Recipe

Working together with you, I will be doing a bit of business and brand coaching and all of the technical bits. I can then teach you how to utilize your email system, your blog post system and even how to change pages yourself once it is all built. You purchase the hours in blocks as needed to keep it affordable and to keep your site current and updated. Blocks of hours are good for one year from the purchase date. Let's get you a website that showcases your unique talents.

What My Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

This is so exciting! It is so awesome!!! I am so grateful to you!

DeLynn Todaro

Shane Melaugh

I love the simplicity of the front of the site and how I have hidden pages I can send to my clients for their custom readings. You were able to create just what I needed, thank you so much. 

Altura Bliss

Shane Melaugh

I absolutely love everything you have done. It is way beyond what I had even imagined it would be like. I love every piece, page and part of it. I am so very excited!

Doris Wakefield