This is Your Journey


When we were very young, we fully expressed ourselves. If we wanted to dance we danced. If we wanted to sing we sang. If we got hurt or sad, we cried. We hugged easily, laughed at everything and always got excited to see our friends and loved ones.

Then we spent years trying to be like everyone else and fit in. We only danced if it was appropriate and others were doing it also. Unless we were good at singing, it onlca-dancing-in-the-rainly happened during karaoke. We began to judge ourselves. 

I use to love to draw with pastels when I was young. It brought we great pleasure and I was told I had potential. Then I went to school. I began to draw apple trees like all the other kids. It no longer brought me joy. Soon I stopped creating art.

As far as I know, we only have one life. If we spend all our time trying to be someone else, we have wasted our personal magnificence! 

This is your journey, you get to choose what it will look like. 

Stop comparing yourself to others. You were created unique, special and absolutely you. Embrace that. You are in charge of you!

If you are  choosing the way to go, share this with others. Together we can inspire others to be all that they are.                            

+Michelle DeBerge

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