Wounded? Survive! Thrive!!!


100 Powerful Stories



A powerful collection of true stories of struggle and triumph!

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Michelle has contributed her personal story of living in an abusive relationship, the night she almost lost her life and how she then designed the life of her dreams. She joins 100 other women as they tell their personal stories of being victimized or abused and how they survived and finally thrived. A portion of book sales will go to women’s organizations that help women around the world. 

In a time when the world seems depressed economically and emotionally, it is easy to find people who are wounded, difficult to find people who are surviving, and sometimes it seems nearly impossible to tap into those who are truly thriving in their lives.

As women, we must pull together in a time like this to share our stories of triumph as a means to lift one another up, encourage each other, and spur each other on toward a time where we can all thrive together!

Each of us can think of a woman in our lives that—despite her trials and adversity—seemed to pick herself up, dust herself off, and pull herself together. She may not even know how much you looked up to her. Some of us had mothers or grandmothers, teachers or mentors, who paved the way for us—illustrating what a thriving woman should look like, no matter how she got there or what incredible hardships she may have faced.

Every woman faces abuse, sometimes of multiple types. Women are beaten, sexually assaulted, harassed, and held back every day due to no fault of their own. Abuse in the workplace is common in many fields. Divorce, health concerns, and accidents are becoming more prevalent every day. We are carrying a tremendous load, most of us while we are trying to balance home, family, marriage, children, friends, career…it is daunting and exhausting.

So, how do we survive, much less thrive?

This invaluable resource is a collection of history. Each woman who shares her testimony of trials, abuse, sexual assault, abandonment, betrayal, disappointment, or persecution will leave an imprint on your heart forever. These resilient women have lived through nightmares and not only survived, but found ways to THRIVE!