Overcome Your Inner Critic

It’s time to experience fast, effective and enduring change in an innovative way!

CREATED BY: Michelle E. DeBerge using Mind Power Technology

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Overcoming Your Inner Critic

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MindPT Session


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This session by GSDF Founder, Michelle DeBerge who partnered with Mind Power Technology, will to help release you from the negative thoughts and worries so that you can create the life you desire.

Overcoming your inner critic is the best way to empower yourself and create the life of your dreams. This MindPower Video Session by GSDF Founder, Michelle DeBerge will help release you from the negative thoughts and worries. When you begin to manage your inner critic and turn it into your inner support system, the chains that keep you back release. This session will help make you feel stronger and more sure of yourself. When you begin to release negative self-talk and embrace your unique gifts, opportunities become more clear.

Powered by Neuroscience and Positive Psychology

Listen to this session and watch the beautiful images as your mind absorbs the powerful messages and creates lasting results for a life that you desire.

The MindPT neuroscience and positive phycology means that you can just listen for a few minutes every day and achieve positive results right away!

This Session is For You If You...

  • Have negative self talk in your mind.
  • Find ways to self sabatoge your success.
  • Feel that you are not good enough.
  • Are frustrated that you are not where you want to be.
  • Find yourself putting yourself down or feeling bad about yourself.
  • You have not met your goals.

Minutes a day can help you let go of negative self-sabotage and embrace the positive. It will help train your Inner Critic to become your Inner Coach and Support System!

The personal change tool that will do the work for you and upgrade your automatic thought habits so you are thinking empowering and positive thoughts.

Michelle DeBerge is a Professionally Trained Life and Wellness Coach and Mentor with over 20 years of experience. MindPT uses technology, neuroscience and positive psychology.

Are you Ready to get Rid of that Inner Critic with Ease?

Michelle DeBerge has created the perfect positive statements that will guide you through your session and empower you to create the change you desire. With carefully chosen gorgeous imagery and the Mind Power Technology hard at work, it is time to retrain the brain and the inner critic, to becoming positive and empowering.

With neuro science, positive phycology and years of experience behind Michelle DeBerge's MindPT Session, Overcoming Your Inner Critic now just takes minutes a day! Imagine the possibilities.

No more time consuming vision boards or repeating mantras over and over. Using MindPT's combination of technology, neuroscience and positive psychology in my session, allows you to fast track your personal growth and change! It is easy to watch a few minutes every day and begin to change that negative self talk into positive support. Watch as things begin to get easier, you start achieving your dreams and you realize that you are happy! My session of Overcoming Your Inner Critic will help you shed the negative and embrace the positive. What our mind focuses on, we create. Focus on this session every day and watch as you begin to create what you desire.

"Studies have shown that just 3 minutes of MindPT will make you feel more positive and empowered for 6-8 hours!"

Anytime you need an emotional boost, confidence, an attitude adjustment, direction, self-love, empowerment, inspiration or motivation... just pull out your phone or tablet and watch Overcoming Your Inner Critic for a few minutes.


Say yes to you, yes to happiness and yes to the life you desire. Right now you can have this MindPT Session for a Special Launch Price of $19.95! Just a few minutes of viewing a day can change your life!

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​Michelle DeBerge is a Professional Life and Wellness Coach with over 20 years experience. She is a best selling author and has written over 6 books and co-authored 3 others. She is the founder of Gluten Sugar Dairy Free LifeStyle and online community for health and wellness. She believes that for optimal health and success that there needs to be a balance of mind, body and spirit. Together with MindPT she created this session: Overcoming Your Inner Critic so that you too can have the balance needed for optimal health and success!