New Gratitude Tradition


I have decided to add a new gratitude tradition for the new year this year. I have had a regular gratitude practice for many years. I notice if I miss my daily practice that my day does not go as well. Last night I was on the phone with a dear friend as tgratitude jar2he years end winded down and we were discussing the past years milestones and gratitudes. I listed all of the ones I could remember and I know the rest are in my daily journal along with my daily intentions. Yet for some reason, I want a better record of the year in review.

So this year, I have decided to add to my gratitude and journal practice another piece: a gratitude jar. My intention is at the end of each day to write on a small piece of paper the date and the gratitude I have had for that day. Then come years end, I will have a record of my gratitudes in a new way. I think of how grateful I will feel as I watch the jar fill up and how I will feel reading all of them at this years end.




+Michelle DeBerge

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