Jump In

Lately I have noticed that I jump in with both feet more often than not. Where I use to hold myself back, I charge forward. Where I use to make excuses, I stand strong. When I fall down, I jump right back up.

What changed? I let go of fear. I released fear of not being good enough, not fitting in, not being capable, fear of looking silly and all the rest of that crazy story I use to tell myself.

I spent so many years healing my old wounds that I forgot to notice I was a new and completely different person. I also failed to see that my comfort zone I lived in had grown much bigger over those years. lca-live-every-day-with-purpose

I started this past year on New Year's Day having some friends over to make vision boards. I reached far into my dreams, hopes and wishes to create it.

The biggest thing I wanted to do this year was to take inspired action in my life and make it even bigger than it was.

My challenge was to say yes to new things more, do things that were hard, learn new things and push myself to walk in authenticity at all times.

At first I had to push myself, but as the weeks rolled by I barely noticed that I was doing something different. All of a sudden I noticed I jump right in.

+Michelle DeBerge

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