I Was Catfished Part Two

Let's start at the beginning of my story where an innocent encounter was actually a planned strategic attack, how I was catfished. This began 5 years ago. I was working on a top secret project with my business partner and dear friend Raphael Love. We had met at a seminar. We thought our project would allow anyone to afford life coaching and training instead of just people with extra money. We wanted to help the down trodden, the broken and the hurt that could not afford normal coaching prices. 

I was always posting about our secret project on facebook! I loved facebook. I wrote about everything (except what the secret project was). I put up photos, tagged my family and friends. Talked about what I wanted to create in the world and much more. Most catfishers will troll the internet to find out all about you.

May 23 at 10:08 pm pst I got a message in my inbox from a man I did not know. I never answered those messages at the time because I did not know if they were safe, I did not want to date and they scared me.

This man, let's call him Bill had messaged me. I wrote back that I did not talk to strangers especially men and not to bother me. He wrote back that we were facebook friends and not strangers. Turns out we were but I did not know him. He posted photos of sunrises every day. I would randomly see them in my feed and sometimes hit like. 

I later learned from him that he saw my like, went to see who I was and found all my websites and social media sites. He googled me and researched me. He knew all about me.

When facebook first started, when we made a new friend with a stranger, we would call each other and see how we could support each other. So years later I had a sense of trust with anyone I friended. 

That night I wrote no thank you for a chat he requested. He then said wait and sent me a screenshot of my LifeCoach-USA website and the issues it had. I said thank you I will show my business partner Raphael in the morning. Bill replied that he was an internet architect and could quickly fix it for me for no charge or teach me how to fix it so I could fix it in the future if I had to.

Now, if you knew me you would know I love learning and I am very independent so he had me at I will teach you. So we moved to skype to talk, just voice not camera. Since he was a pro catfish, he knew all of this.

As we discussed the issues and how to fix it, I kept getting frustrated because I just wanted to fix the damn thing. I am an over achiever and have no patience for chit chat and slowness. He kept asking me personal questions, flirting with me as he very slowly showed me how to fix the site. 

I am an American woman and like a lot of us, a sucker for an Aussie accent and he had one. He could really turn it on when he wanted to. So as the night got longer, he got more and more charming. I slipped that I needed to go to bed due to an early meeting with my partner on our secret project.

He did a hard push to be part of that. Kept telling me how good he was, how international he was as were his contacts and how he has made millions on the internet and actually sold his internet company 5 years prior for millions. (These turned out to be lies.) Since he had been doing it so long, he would be a huge asest to the project.

He really pushed and offered to do it for free. He kept pressuring me and telling me he was the only internet architect and I was getting a deal. He was doing it to be of service. He started to use my language.

I finally gave in and told him he could join our team. I did this without checking with Raphael first too. Raphael was a seasoned social media expert and motivational speaker. I should have had him vet Bill. 

Now lets look at the first red flags here:

  1. He had researched me and tolled the internet to find out about me, my family and more.
  2. He created a scenario that opened a door for conversation.
  3. He made himself an expert.
  4. He got me off facebook as fast as he could to a skype voice call. 
  5. He made himself an expert and I never asked for proof
  6. He had an answer for everything making me forget I needed proof
  7. He kept talking about the millions he made and how he quit the rat race yet he was still working
  8. I felt uncomfortable and pushed into this meeting
  9. He had an answer for everyone of my rejections and used pressure
  10. He used charm, my language and my posts to be someone I would talk to

Part 3 coming soon.


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