Holiday Party Tips for the Awkward

It can be very stressful to attend holiday functions if you are feeling awkward, uncomfortable or don't know the other guests. Standing in a corner with a fake smile, a drink in your hand and pretending that you are having the best time ever will not work. You know at some point, someone will approach you and start a conversation with you. You don't want to repeat what happened last year when you over shared or picked a totally inappropriate topic because you were nervous. Nor do you want to spend the evening on your smart phone chatting with your FaceBook friends and giving the impression to the other guests that you are aloof. What you need are some simple strategies to be office_party460prepared, feel confident and ready for this holiday season.


One of the biggest mistakes is not being prepared to have simple party conversation. If you are awkward and unsure in some social situations, being unprepared can have you scrambling in your mind for anything that sounds somewhat intelligent. The worst part is that it usually is something very random or something that you wish had not come out of your mouth. As you see the look of shock on the others person's face, most likely you will be squirming with sweat running down your back and warm heat rushing up your neck to your face. Not exactly the lasting impression you had hoped to achieve.

Hiding in the corner, by the food table or the bar is another strategy that can go very wrong. As you inhale all of the cheese and crackers because 1. you are standing next to them and 2. you are nervous, note that the people at the party are noticing that you just inhaled the entire cheese platter. The same at the bar. You may drink your drink too fast due to nerves and then replace it once too often because you are standing right there. I guaranakwardtee you that the other guests will notice you slurring your words or all of a sudden you become very loud as you start telling silly knock knock jokes. Again, not the impression I am sure you wanted to make.

Some parties or events will be a little uncomfortable but that can be helped with planning and strategy. For the best holiday party results, plan ahead.

[jbox color=”blue” vgradient=”#fdfeff|#bae3ff” title=”This year add a new strategy:”]Plan some conversation icebreakers to use as well as some answers for when you are asked “how are you?”[/jbox]

There are many ways to set yourself up for success at holiday parties, where you will not only feel more confident but actually enjoy yourself. This holiday season make it one that you enjoy instead of regret.




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