Gratitude-Tell Them It Matters

The Science of Happiness – Calling to Say Thank You

Gratitude Tell them, it matters more than you think and it makes a huge difference. We rush through life as we are having these amazing experiences and wonderful people are influencing us. We rush through with a quick hug, kiss or a thank you, yet we forget to stop…. Stop and connect heart to heart.

I have done this exercise where I write a letter of gratitude to someone, read it to them and gift them the letter. It is powerful. I know the first few times I did this, it was hard to see what I was doing as my tears would flow out of me as I filled the card with words of gratitude and love. It touched my heart in such a huge way to be able to express my appreciation, my love and how I felt. - gratitudeWhen gifting the other person the words, again the tears would flow. Knowing that my heart was connecting with theirs in such a deep and meaningful way was powerful. The connection of heart, gratitude  and appreciation is so huge.

I make it a point to write a card, send a text or leave a  voicemail of gratitude for those who I love in my life. Thanking them for how they have showed up, how they touch my heart and how much I appreciate them. This practice has strengthened my friendships and relationships.

So yes, gratitude, tell them it matters.

+Michelle DeBerge

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