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15 Minute Coaching Session

It is interesting how many folks continue to struggle with motivation or getting a project done or even making the changes they want but they don't change anything so it stays the same. I have helped thousands of people make the changes they want. I know that the first step is hard so I will make it easy for you. I will give you a free 15 minute call to discuss what is going on and give you some valuable ideas. It won't be a sales call at all, I promise. This way you get some help and give me a try. Then you can use the information I give you to make the changes. If you want more help, come back and check out my coaching programs.

Are you struggling with feeling stuck?

Are you wanting more joy or fulfillment?

Want more time to do what you want?

Are you trying to balance it all?

Are you putting off what you really want?

In this session you will have the opportunity to:

Set attainable goals.

Create a focused plan of action.

Discover clarity on your vision.

Overcome your challenges.

Outline a step by step process.

“I had a very hard week since my last coaching session. I had a lot of challenges come up in my life. So I just kept thinking of what Michelle told me: no self-judgment, no self-judgment. I never realized how hard I always am on my self. I even wrote it down by the phone, no self-judgment. So I am doing it and it is changing my life! I use to have Michelle’s phone number that I use for our coaching calls listed as “Michelle”. Now I have changed it to “My Life Coach” because I am so blessed to have her in my life helping me.”

Dorothy Valasquez

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