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You see all of the social media posts about such great success and how easy it was for them to achieve it. Most even tell you it was only a 1, 2, 3 step process. The truth is that they had to work at it and they needed mentors to support them, teach them strategies and guide them. They did not just wake up one morning knowing 3 magic steps to success, they had to do the work. If you ask most of them, they will tell you they had a mentor or a coach help them with personal growth and learning new strategies. 

Having someone who has achieved personal and business success teach you how to do it is one way to get there faster. Having me teach you and help you to stop self sabotage, making excuses or not following through is the real way to success. 

It takes just as long to get rid of a bad habit as it does to create a good one. Having a mentor who can discover your bad habits and help change them is one of the main keys to success. Learning how to take your natural gifts and talents and use them to create your personal success is another key. All three of my programs will help you achieve personal and business success. 

Learn how to use your strengths.

Discover what is holding you back.

Accelerate your personal success.

Mary Louise Bennett

Coaching client

I cannot say enough great things about my life coach, Michelle DeBerge! I started working with her after meeting her at a women's empowerment conference last August. I didn't know just how much I needed her in my life or in my corner, but I know now!

This year I am already getting stuff done and she is a big reason. I am thankful that I added her into the amazing group of family and friends who support me and spur me on in life. I could not do this life with out you all!

If you are curious about life coaching, see Michelle's awesome offer! What I love about Michelle is she is available, reasonably priced, and works with integrity.

Thank you for everything, Michelle! Here is to a kick ass 2019 full of growth and learning!

I too tried all the quick schemes at first –Then I discovered the true path to success.

As a new life coach over 20 years ago I will admit, I bought into all the hype of the quick schemes to fill my practice with clients, to find happiness, find my perfect soul mate and even get rich over night. I ordered all kinds of tacky stuff off the internet, watched videos that were all hype and taught me nothing. I built vision boards, said affirmations, wrote out my dream job, man and career....

...only to find my bank account empty from spending all my money on empty promises and hype. I cringe today when I see the same thing happening today. Sure, it looks a little more professional but it is still as solid as buying your advice from a table in a carnival. 

Instead I began to invest in myself and my business. I got a mentor and a coach. I studied, I worked and broke bad habits, learned new strategies and got in touch with my inner super power. I discovered what made me unique, how I could best serve my particular audience and developed strategies, tools and systems to help others achieve success as well. 

The Three Top Tools For Success

    • Hire someone who has success and knows how to get there that you can relate to.
    • Start getting accountable for your time, your efforts and your growth.
    • Heal the places that hurt: mind, body, spirt so that you can fully be present and ready.

    Donna reese

    retired nurse

    Michelle DeBerge is a great coach!!! She has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend her!!!!!

    Sounds Simple but it takes a System that works My Solution

    Customized comprehensive programs to accelerate personal growth, manifest goals, create success and revamp your life!


    Most people run from what they don't like about themselves, pretend it does not exist or try to ignore it. What if that piece of you was actually the piece that makes you unique and will propel you forward?

    Over the years I have discovered that most self sabotage begins with the self chatter in the mind. The voice that holds us back, puts us down and lets us know that we are not good enough, smart enough or capable. I have a scientific proven method to turning this critter into your best cheerleader!

    You may not even know what you are capable of yet!

    Just because you have not thought of it, done it or tried it, does not mean you can't do it. In my programs I help propel you forward, embracing your strengths, your unique point of view and you life experience. 

    Together with accountability, personalized custom lessons, tools and proven strategies, I can help you have the success you desire! You get to choose!

    Check Out My -Embrace Programs”

    • If you are ready to meet your goals. 
    • If you are ready to say yes to you!
    • If you want more out of life.
    • If you are tired of trying to figure it out.
    • These programs are for you!

    See what some of our customers have to say:

       Audrey Black    


    "I wanted to build my online coaching business and wanted to learn from someone who was successful at it.  Michelle was most willing to help me. She helped me make a plan, get clarity on my mission and kept me accountable. She showed me where I sabotaged myself, what my strengths were and helped me find clarity in my mission. When I doubted, she pushed me. I am so grateful for her coaching."

    Jamie WilkensOhio


    "I choose Michelle because I followed her life coach page and her gluten free page. She was always helpful. I needed to get my life back on track. Before working with her, my husband left me, I had to move and start over at my age. I felt defeated, lost and unhappy. Michelle taught me how to use my strengths to move forward, make new friends and get a new lease on life. Her coaching style is real and she challenged me to step up for me. I can't thank you enough for helping me find me again!"

    Sarah ThompsonWisconson


    Before working with Michelle, I gave up on myself a lot and made excuses. Having the constant support, coaching sessions and strategies helped me increase my confidence, get happier and healthier. I am doing more socially and I feel stronger as a person.

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    Private Online Support Group

    Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

    • Daily Motivation 
    • Daily Guidance
    • Direct Access to Michelle
    •  Live Coaching Calls
    • Access to Video Trainings
    •  Group Support
    • Growth Challenges
    • Accountability



    Personal Success

    Create the Life You Desire

    • 90-Day Program
    • 12 Live Coaching Calls
    • Personal Coaching
    • Text Support
    • Guided Inner Work
    • Customized Systems
    • Creating New Habits
    • Discovering Your Strengths
    • Mind-Body-Spirit Work
    • Discovering You

    $2397   $1397



    Personal Growth

    Revamp Your Life

    • 45-Day Program
    • 6 Live Coaching Calls
    • Personal Coaching
    • Text Support
    • Guided Inner Work
    • Accountability
    • Creating New Habits
    • Discovering Your Strengths

    $1197   $797


    Diane Castro

    bark out loud marketing

    A shout out for Michelle DeBerge as a coach--she has been my coach for many, many years and has helped me tremendously with my life's challenges...every time I work with her something "pops" and things begin to happen! I highly suggest working with her...she is awesome!