Creating Spontaneous Joy

To be more productive and happier I like to make sure that I infuse my life with impromptu laughter and joy. I spend enough time working, creating and being a proper grownup with responsibilities. I interviewed a young lady who is an up and coming big time vlogger this week. I asked her what her biggest challenges she has overcome as an adult has been. Her answer was delightful. She told me that it was the first time she realized she had to use her income to purchase laundry detergent! She went on to explain that the day to day responsibilities of growing up that include paying for laundry detergent, groceries and cleaning annoyed her. It got me thinking about how much time I spend being an adult and handling responsibIMG_0470ilities and how I balance that with spontaneous joy.

I make sure to spend time with friends that when we connect it feels like play time. Last night I had dinner with two charming gentlemen who made me laugh so hard during dinner that I was concerned about choking on the food. We discussed serious and random topics all blended together, just enjoying the evening and making each other laugh. I have another friend who we send each other random funny photos we take via text messages during the week to crack each other up. It makes me smile to receive them and giggle as I send mine off.

Today I was out doing the grocery shopping for the week when my companion texted me and asked me to send him photos of what I was doing so that he did not feel left out as he was slaving away at the computer at home. IMG_0471So I decided to take some very random photos to make him laugh. It began with photos of the shopping center I was at, the trees changing into fall colors and a bush with flowers I walked by on the way into the grocery store. I noticed that as I was taking my random photos, that the people around me were curious of why I was taking my photos. It made me laugh inside. So once in the store, I decided to take silly random photos.

I began with the fresh herbs where I was picking up some Italian parsley and cilantro. Then a photo of the fresh vegetable bin. I received a text back at this point that read: “too funny”. Now if you really knew me, you would know that I love a challenge. If funny was what he wanted, that is what he was going to get. Now I am in full blown spontaneous joy because I am on a treasure hunt to find the most abstract things to photograph to send to him to make him smile and laugh.

As I wandered the isles looking for things to photograph as well as picking up my regular groceries, I began to notice that the stress I had been carrying was lessening and my mood had risen. In fact, I realized that I was smiling because everyone I passed in the grocery store was smiling back at me. I walked through the international aisle and spotted a bright yellow bag of chicken flavored bouillon with a very funny photo of a chicken.

IMG_0472The next thing I saw was the pickled onions. I knew I had to get a close up shot of those to really confuse him. Since he is from a different country I was not sure that he would be familiar with the last two items I had photographed. By the time I got to the checkout lines, they were very long because only two were open. Now normally I would go find someone and ask them to open another checkstand.

Since I was in such a good mood, I backed up my cart and headed to the self check despite my cart being full of things like fresh fruit and veggies that did not have bar scans. Even though I knew it would take me longer, I did it joyfully because I was happy.

I was excited to get home to see how my photographs were received. On the way home I started thinking about my life right now in this moment. I have been under a lot of pressure, long hours and hard work with my team getting the CanDoBe community up and running. We are currently in beta testing and working out the bugs. If you really knew  me, you would know that I thought we would be done by the end of May and it is now November. I have been feeling a lot of pressure with the huge learning curve, things that pop up and that it is still not ready to publically open its doors.

By incorporating joy and spontaneous adventure, I make sure that I am happy, relieve stress and enjoy my life. So if you start to feel overwhelmed, go find an adventure or some joy. It can be as simple as going to your grocery store.



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Michelle has over 20 years experience in coaching, leadership and motivation. She is passionate about creating a community for growth, healing and support. She has been recognized for her work both locally and nationally. She inspires audiences and clients with her down to earth stories of struggle and growth. She believes that being authentic has been the key to her success.

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