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8 Things Really Successful People Do

This article in Inc. online magazine was spot on. I thought I would share it with you.  CLICK HERE to read it.            +Michelle DeBerge

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Are You the Problem or the Solution?

Kindness, understanding, solutions and a safe place to land goes a long way when there is a problem. I love being that to others. Instead of being in judgement, be in divine love. Ease their burden by

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Are you waiting for a miracle?

If you have a dream go after it. Don't let others tell you it is not going to happen. If you are taking forward moving steps toward it, you will get there.  I personally am an instant gratification type

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Failure is not the End

So many people don't even try because they are afraid of failing. Failing is part of the process. Here is a short video about some people who persevered despite failing. You might recognize some of them! +Michelle

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Don’t Take it Personal

Most of the time, it is not even about us!    

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This is Your Journey

  When we were very young, we fully expressed ourselves. If we wanted to dance we danced. If we wanted to sing we sang. If we got hurt or sad, we cried. We hugged easily, laughed at everything and

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Respect Yourself

Just because it served you in the past, does not necessarily mean it serves you in the present. This can be habits, relationships, friendships, ways of being or things we do.

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How to Stay Motivated

    Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated when working on a project or making changes in your life. You need to become your own cheerleader! Acknowledge yourself for the work you have done at

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Holiday Cleanup

+Michelle DeBerge Click Below For Your Complimentary Coaching Session Click Here!

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