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Has Honesty Become Elusive

Dear Reader, Has honesty become elusive? Lately I have been feeling that I live in a world of illusions. People trying to hide who they really are and what their agendas are. Information coming in that

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Holiday Blues

Dear Reader, Holiday Blues are something we don't often discuss. We see the commercials, instagram photos and movies that show us how joyous the holidays are. The perfect happy families gathering, the

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Feeling Stuck

Dear Reader, Feeling Stuck. That is what a lot of my private coaching clients have told me these past few weeks, that they are feeling stuck. Not only that but unmotivated, lacking purpose and feeling

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You Are Not Your Feelings

Dear Reader,  You are not your feelings. Sounds simple enough. Yet when we are feeling overwhelmed, angry, upset, scared or even frustrated, we can think we are that feeling. I have had coaching clients

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Energy Just Breathe

Dear Reader, It is all energy. You know that your thoughts create your reality but what about your mood? You mood creates your reality as well because it is all energy. Yesterday I was having a tough day

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A Lonely Brave Man

Dear Reader, You never know what is really going on with your neighbors or co-workers unless they let you in and share with you. Today I want to share with you a story about a brave lonely man I met. I

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