Are you waiting for a miracle?

If you have a dream go after it. Don't let others tell you it is not going to happen. If you are taking forward moving steps toward it, you will get there. 

I personally am an instant gratification type person. When I want to create something, I want it done now! 

I have learned that I am not in charge of when the miracles arrive. Yet, I do know that they do arrive!

My advice to you if you are going after your dream is:

  • miracles happen everyday-001get the support you need
  • get the education and training you need
  • have  people that believe in you
  • do the hard work
  • keep your eye on the goal
  • don't let fear or doubt stop you
  • have faith

I believe in miracles, I have seen them happen. 


+Michelle DeBerge

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