5 Tips To Be Happy

One of my favorite happy songs is Pharrell William's song Happy!

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5 Tips To Be Happy

Have you ever wondered why some people seem happy more often than not? Today a client asked me how I was always so happy and optimistic even when I had things happen that could have derailed me. It got me thinking about happiness and happy people. The first thing to know is that happy people are choosing to be happy. It starts with a mindset. Being happy does not mean that you won't have a bad day or that things won't go wrong sometimes. It means that you consciously choose to focus on being happy and have an awareness of how you react to the world around you.

First, what you put your focus on, you create more of that. So if you choose to focus on the joy points in your day and the things that go right, you will begin to see more of that. If you choose to focus on the scarcity and the anguish, you will create more of that.

Second, it is important to manage how you react to things. Do you let a setback take you out of the game or do you see it as what is and move forward towards a solution?

Being happy is about a way of being. Choosing to notice the joy in your life, managing your reactions to things and being conscious and in the present moment at all times.

Michelle DeBerge and Dr. Arinn Testa

This is myself and my best friend Dr. Arinn Testa. When we spend time together, we laugh a lot!

5 Tips To Be Happy

choose to have a happy mindset
manage your reactions to your environment
find things that make you feel happy like a good song
spend time with happy people
stay in gratitude

+Michelle DeBerge

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