M7 copy 2Why I Offer Different Coaching Programs:

Life has changed due to various circumstances: 
  • empty nest
  • divorce
  • moving
  • career change
  • adjustment in lifestyle
Everyone has different needs and goals:
  • things are not going the way you want
  • you want to create more success
  • you have specific goals you want to achieve
  • you want to know more about yourself and your desires
All Programs are Individualized:
  • you are set up with clear attainable goals that set you up for success
  • regular support in between sessions as you need it
  • you will learn and strengthen your strengths
  • you will overcome your shortcomings
  • all coaching is done at your personal pace with an eye on the goal
  • everyone has different learning styles 
Why I Do It This Way:
“I believe that having a blend of different coaching methods and personal growth tools uniquely blended for the individual creates greater success for the long term results.”


What to Expect:
  • You will find out where you hold yourself back
  • Learn to stop any sabotaging behavior
  • Have success with time management so you can do more of what you want to do
  • You will learn to implement new ways of being so that you are following your desires
  • Discover what you truly want your life to look like
  • Learn how to stop doing the things that are not serving you any longer
  • Create a plan that sets you up for success created of small doable steps
  • Have support in between regular sessions
  • Learn new things that you can immediately implement into your life now
  • And so much more!